PA 28

At the 40th Street Bridge interchange, which is a partial one due to PA 28
southbound having to negotiate a traffic signal.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Butler Street interchange and the Shaler Waterworks.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 8 interchange, where PA 28 narrows to a one lane overpass.
(Jeff Kitsko)
After the R. I. D. C. Park interchange in Blawnox.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Harmar interchange, which is used for traffic going between PA 28
and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  The hillside on the left is the cause of many
headaches amongst PennDOT and drivers alike due to landslides.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Russellton/Creighton interchange in Creighton.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 366 interchange in Tarentum.  This is the western terminus of that route.
(Jeff Kitsko)
At the Freeport/Millerstown interchange, which is the last in Allegheny County as the
Butler County line is 3/10th of a mile beyond.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the PA 356 interchange, which is the only interchange located within
Butler County.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Crossing Buffalo Creek in eastern Butler County.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the PA 128 interchange in southwestern Armstrong County.
(Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the US 422 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)

After the interchange with US 422 West interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the PA 128 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 128 interchange.  In 2003, that route was moved onto that alignment.
(Jeff Kitsko)
Crossing the Butler County line and approaching Buffalo Creek.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Freeport/Millerstown interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Natrona Heights/Brackenridge interchange near Birdville.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 366 interchange in Tarentum.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Cheswick/Springdale interchange with a view of Cheswick.
(Jeff Kitsko)
Crossing the Pennsylvania Turnpike and approaching the PA 910 interchange.  A direct interchange with the Turnpike could easily be built off the right side.
(Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the R. I. D. C. Park interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Highland Park Bridge/Aspinwall interchange, where PA 28 southbound
narrows into one lane.  At the end of the bridge is where the Pittsburgh Zoo and
PPG Aquarium are located.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the true interchange with PA 8, where PA 28 southbound also narrows
to one lane for the time being.  The overpass was rebuilt to two lanes in the early
2000s, but is not configured that way until the rest is rebuilt.  (Jeff Kitsko) 
Just south of the PA 8 interchange in Etna.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Millvale interchange with the Pittsburgh skyline in the background.
(Jeff Kitsko)

Allegheny Valley Expressway
PA 28

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